How does the Garden work?

Generally a community garden needs a core group of 8-10 committed volunteers (which we have) who tend the plot regularly and then other members can dip in and out as time allows. There is always someone on site who is an experienced gardener so we can accommodate everyone at all levels.
Members can turn up at any of the gardening sessions whenever it suits them; we don't need a hard and fast commitment. Obviously we do welcome people who have a lot of time and energy to give to the garden but some people just want to visit 3 or 4 times a year and that is fine too.

How the Garden sessions work

The garden is open for at least 2 hours, 4 times a week. When the garden is open a Lead Gardener or Committee Member is always on duty. We work to a weekly Priority List so when gardeners turn up there will be a list of varied jobs for them to undertake.  Gardeners can pick what job they would like to do and where necessary will get instruction and guidance on how to tackle the tasks.
Once the session ends the lead gardener will update the priority list so gardeners for the next session know what has been done and what needs to be tackled next.

Whats happens to the produce?

Everyone asks how we divide up the harvest – and we can assure you, it’s all very civilised. We pick what’s in season and leave it out on the table for anyone who is working that day to help themselves. Visitors to the garden can also take produce in exchange for a donation. But Gardeners get first dibs on the best veggies and of course they're free to them. With such a large plot we always have plenty to go round. Between July and October in particular there is a huge variety of fruit and vegetables to choose from!

Organisation and communication
We have a committee (including a Head Gardeners) who meet monthly and are responsible for the Garden Plan, Funding and Grants, Procurement etc.
We have a formal Constitution, keep minutes and have an AGM every year; so we are fully accountable to our Members and supporters. We keep in touch with our members through regular emails and we keep our website and socials regularly updated.
What We Can Offer Our Gardeners
For the Experienced Gardener:The Walled Garden is an opportunity to take part in a wonderful experiment – restoring the garden to it’s former glory and turning it into a beautiful and thriving area, cultivating fruits and vegetables, tending to a heritage orchard and eventually developing an ornamental garden.
For the Novice Gardener:We offer guidance, support and advice. Many of our members are inexperienced gardeners but are enjoying learning how to garden, gaining confidence and knowledge as the months unfold. We have a huge site so every willing pair of hands is appreciated.

Why join a Community Garden rather than have an allotment?
  • The Garden isn't run like allotments - we don't give out plots of land to individuals. Instead we all garden together to one communal plan.
  • Tools, seeds and plants are all provided. We have lead gardeners who develop a weekly To Do list and there is always someone 'on duty' who knows what needs to be done.
  • So you can dip in and out, as and when you like. You can come twice a week or twice a year - whatever suits you best. 
  • Gardening sessions are Sat and Sun 11-1pm, and Weds and Friday between 2-4pm (and sometimes longer when the weather is good).
  • We are a very friendly bunch and each garden session is punctuated by a tea break - the kettle is one of the most vital pieces of equipment.
Most Important: The Kettle is always on.